Agriturismo le Scope

these are our mountains

Farmhouse Le Scope is the Garfagnana, which is situated in the Apuan Alps national park in the province of Lucca, a typical Tuscan city.

The farmhouse is located in an isolated, unpolluted and sunny place in the midst of the countryside. Nature is there not only to be seen, but to be heard as well; birdsongs are everywhere and you can hear the characteristic cry of the buzzards, the bleating of the goats and the murmur of the stream in the valley below.

The farmhouse also has a small collection of war attributes that witnesses the fierce battle between the Germans and the Americans along – built by the Germans – the 320 km long Gothic defense. The line stretched from Pesaro on the Adriatic Sea to Massa Carrara on the Tyrrhenian Sea and consisted of machine guns, anti-tank weapons, obstacles and barbed wire. Specifically in this valley a heavy battle was fought.

The main attractions in the Apuan Alps are the caves Antro del Corchia and the marble mines in Levigliani. It is advisable to visit the caves and mines under supervision. Keep in mind that in order to visit the caves, more than 1000 stair steps have to be walked, and proper shoes are important. (These can also be hired locally). 

Castelnuovo di Garfagnana is an authentic town with a train station, you can connect to Lucca, Pisa, Florence and the coast. The city walls are among the oldest structures of the city, along with the craft shops and castles they are a popular attraction for many visitors. 

We look forward to your stay.

Mauro & family